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We are a Real Estate Company involved in property research, evaluation, development, trading and management. We are committed to provide our esteemed clients with a wide range of real estate products and services in the market, here we offer sound property management principles in terms of maintenance, repair, renovation ,evaluation and research on the best property to invest in.

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our offices are at Coffee Plaza bldg 3rd floor

  • Exchange lane
    Haile sellasie avenue
VALUES: We stand for : Integrity, team-work, customer focus, mutual respect and creativity. to our client, we offer truth, and from them we get trust and a renowned reputation.

KONZA and the surrounding areas has been our speciality.We at richmongroup have made it our business to connect the (ICT sector) investors, properties developers and all manner of speculators with every needed info on land. The how to buy, From whom, Where, Current affairs pertaining to properties in the area, News on properties acquisitions, The current prices, The authorities involved. We find pleasure in relieving you of the burden of land acquisition especially in this areas. And for those eager to taste the fruits of the ICT. CLICK ON OUR BLOG PAGE ABOVE FOR MORE INFORMATION.


Customer for life is our slogan; as we excite and delight our clients, to earn their loyalty, we listen to them and anticipate their needs, acting to create value in their eyes. Hence availing solutions, products and services that truly matches the dreams of our clients

We want to be known for integrity, flexibility, reliability, responsiveness, innovative solutions, growth, longevity and financial success will naturally follow as we promote and stimulate creativity and a culture of excellence.